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An essential food we can’t live without – Sugar
With its high calorie content, this sweet-flavored substance is frequently used in relief food and is known to help fight fatigue and reduce stress.

Sultang Gongjang (which means sugar factory) lends to a happy and pleasant shopping experience like sugar.

Sultang Gongjang

With its distinctive and differentiated service, Sultang Gongjang supports a simple, modern lifestyle that goes hand in hand with sensitivity for comfort and naturalism.

Sultang respects you to refine your own look without relying on brand names and styles.

[ About Us ]

Company Name | Sultang Gongjang Inc.
CEO | Kim Yeongsam
Establishment | Jan. 2015
Call | 1661 - 1641
Location | Dong Il Bldg. 255-73, Yongdu-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea